God is so good!



Friday our AC died, again. They couldn’t fix it until this weekend. John and I talked about what we were going to do about Friday night’s home church gathering. We prayed and I felt Him tell me we were to gather anyways! At the same moment I get this text from John.

“I don’t know how, or what it will look like but we are doing this tonight! There’s people in communist china that gather in secret where 100s of people cram into a small place to worship for hours and hours. If they can do that and keep doing it day after day, week after week we can do this. We are going to press in, God will make a way. And we will do it joyfully with a song on our lips and a smile on our faces.”

I sent out a message to everyone that was coming to let them know the house would be 80 plus degrees inside because the AC isn’t working. But we felt we were to gather anyways! Every single person said no problem and they all came! I watched a room full of people sit there in 84/85 degrees sing to the Lord! I didn’t hear one complaint but instead so much gratitude to be able to gather and everyone came with smiles! I stood in the back and watched everyone worship.

It was so beautiful to me. ❤️

We realized that we may not always have electricity, AC, equipment to worship… are we going to show up anyways!! It’s time to press in regardless of comforts in the flesh.

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