Worship in Spirit and in Truth, love the lost, walk in the Gifts. Be and make disciples!

How we started

Two years ago the Lord called us to begin a home church. The mandate we were called to was to open our home and facilitate a place for the Holy Spirit to move freely. To create a space for people to worship in spirit and truth. A safe place to sit with the Lord as though it was just you and Him.  

What we do

Our desire is to equip and raise up disciples. Everything Jesus said to do in Mark 16 is the basis for our home church. We have a pool for water baptisms. We eat a meal together and fellowship. It’s our heart to unite everyone and become a family.

Conferences and Retreats

There is a strong desire in our hearts to bring unity amongst the body as well as with other ministries. We believe in coming together and working together for His Kingdom purposes. There is strength and power in unity, but not competition and jealousy. We’re always looking for those who share the same heart and want to come together to do an event to reach people, together! 

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The hour for complete restoration, to learn, and to be healed, is now. The season we’re in is a place where the end time remnant is going to come together like the book of Acts.